50W High Power TG187 Alto-falante Bluetooth

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R$ 369,90
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Dear friends,TG187andTG192are two different Bluetooth speakers. Their size and power are different. Please read the parameters clearly when you buy. Thank you





TG187 Speaker function:

Bluetooth version: V5.0

Wireless transmission range: less than 10M

Audio noise ratio:90db

attery capacity: 4400mAh

Built-in voltage: 7.4V

Normal volume playback: 10H~12H

Power: 4Ω/25W*2

Frequency response: 100HZ-20KHZ

Product size: 292*132*139mm

Charging voltage: 5V/2A

1. Adopt advanced Bluetooth audio decoding chip to support all Bluetooth device connections;

2, support FM radio, you can directly search the radio station in the listening area;

3, the tone is soft, clear and dynamic, with distinct levels;SW

4. Direct reading of TF card and U disk;SW

5, Bluetooth receiving distance can be as long as 10 meters

6, support LINE IN audio input, provide you with computer speaker function. Can be directly connected to the phone / tablet / and TV Bluetooth pairing to play music;

TG192 Speaker function:

Bluetooth version:V5.0

Wireless transmission range:less than 10M

Audio noise ratio:90db

Battery capacity:2400mAh

Built-in voltage:3.7V

Normal volume playback:10H~12H

Power:4Ω/10W*2Frequency response:100HZ-20KHZ

Product size:194.4*81*82mm

Charging voltage:5V/1A

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